Friday, May 28, 2004

I think sitting for ten hours causes problems with blood flow to the brain

Well, that's not quite fair. There WAS a brief period of lugging my suitcase up Morton Hill. And lugging it off the bus. And dragging it from one end of the Columbus bus terminal to the other. I was standing for all of that! But otherwise, it was pretty much an exercise in not exercising.

I actually had to TALK in order to catch my bus and I had numerous interesting conversations with numerous interesting people. I even got hit on by this creepy old guy with chin-length greasy hair: Ew, I saith. I got in at 10:30 instead of 9:50 because one of the buses was late. All in all, it was pretty bad. But I live! Aren't you relieved?

While I was at school, the household acquired 1) A fancy Victorian antique couch 2) a new computer 3) Cable TV and 4) A new bird feeder. Also my sister had completely rearranged our room. I was somewhat confused when I saw it. You know how easily perplexed I am :) My brothers have ESPN on all the time. As expected.

Apparently I was mistaken in assuming Nick was leaving last weekend! He's still here! And me and the girls are going out to dinner with him on Saturday. Yay! For food and for Nick :)

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