Tuesday, May 25, 2004

(Singing) Oooohhh, It's Thundering Again

Yup, more storms in Athens tonight. Is this typical? Usual? Normal? Maybe I'm just used to the semi-arid droughts of Northeastern Ohio. They always result in complaints about how dry it is and how the water bills are ridiculous and how if anybody whines about the state of the lawn I'll take their head off, it's not my fault if the grass dies! That's my father talking. The people being decapitated are myself, my mother, my siblings and our snotty neighbors.

I took my Philosophy test and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be! Unfortunately, I have this tendency to make the wrong call on how well I do on exams. I was notorious for this with regard to every examination having anything at all to do with arithmetic. So keep your fingers crossed, or whatever superstitious pagan ritual you fancy ;)

La, I've gotta buy a bus ticket tomorrow between 11 and 1, which is when the station is open at the Oasis. Odd hours. And fifty bucks! It's an eight hour ride what with the bus route meandering all over Ohio on its merry little way to Akron. They better have room for luggage, that's all I can say. Apparently I'm also going to have to change buses in Columbus. This is asking for trouble. I can't resist!

Betsy, you'll have to say rosaries for me all day Thursday so that I don't get found lost. Sigh, I'll probably end up in Peoria. But the Bishop is kosher in Peoria, isn't he? Start out for the Diocese of Cleveland, end up in the Diocese of Peoria ... Maybe not such a bad switch!

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