Monday, May 31, 2004

Speedy Weekend

That went fast! All of a sudden, I'm back at school and attempting to avoid looking up sources for my journalism research paper. Which is supposed to be four pages long. And is due Wednesday. This is becoming a dangerous habit ...

I forgot to mention that Arthur, whilst playing baseball, managed to foul a ball off his bat and right onto his nose. Crunch, cut, splash (splash, that would be, of blood. I have such a lovely, gross way of writing ... )He had to get a whole bunch of stitches and his nose swelled up like some sort of balloon so that his face and forehead kind of molded into one - not a good look, but the poor kid didn't seem to be in any pain. Today his eyes got around to turning black-and-blue (looked a whole lot more like "really really red" to me). It made me wince just to look, I can't imagine what it felt like. Oh well, he's a big strong boy, he'll recover in no time :)

Wish me luck on this journalism thing. It's on women's magazines and how much they suck. They do generally suck, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a radical feminist and it's fatiguing to maintain the Outraged Modern Female voice for a whole four pages!

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  1. I've decided if a group of twenty students can make it all the way through a semester in a class entitled "Death and Dying" then anything can be accomplished! Good luck!