Thursday, June 17, 2004


I will not be killed and have my body thrown into the woods where it will be devoured by animals!

That's right, I got all A's spring quarter, so I will live to annoy another day. My mother put the knife back in the drawer when she heard! I guess I will never find out exactly what I got on my Journalism final but oh well. It's not killing me, and mother would have ;)

It was really a very boring report card. No A pluses, but no A minuses either. Just A-A-A-A. Not that I'm complaining! Yes I am. But it's the only thing I do well....

Never mind that these were basically blow-off courses (except for Philosophy, which was kind of tricky. Tricky Tad, you're tricky, aren't you?). In other words, next quarter, when I have to do real work, I will be over-confident and fail miserably. My sliced and diced remains will be found in the ditch outside our home, since parental units would probably not be bothered to hide the evidence of the axe-murder. You heard it here first! ;)

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