Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mission Half Accomplished, Half Awful Failure

Today was only fifty percent successful. The first part of the day, go-to-Kelly-Office-and-do-job-paperwork, went very well. The lady, whose name I can not remember and probably never will, was very nice and friendly as usual. She got me and Betsy mixed up, as usual. Sigh. C'est d'accord, c'est la vie.

The second part of the day, which was go-to-drug-lab-and-pee-in-cup, was unsuccessful because the lab was closed. Rotters. I went to the bathroom at 9 AM, forgetting that I had to do this drug test thing "for purposes of employment" today; so the whole rest of the morning until 2 in the afternoon, I was chugging water and other liquids in an inspiring effort to fill up my bladder. By the time we went to the lab I was more than ready to pee a strong pee. And the doors turned out to be locked! Unfortunately, the lab is all the way across town and my sister drives exceptionally slow when she wants to. Augh.

So tomorrow it's back to the lab. Lots of liquids and no potty in the AM. How dull ...

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