Thursday, June 24, 2004

Mission Impossible Accomplished At Last

Yar, I went and peed in the cup at the drug testing laboratory, so that's done. No doubt they will call the police when they discover all that heroin that has been coursing through my veins ;) You know, I never really had any objections to mandatory drug testing for employment purposes. And I still don't, except that I now realize how much of a pain in the derriere it is.

This evening KT and Kat and me and Betsy went to see The Notebook . It doesn't open until tomorrow, but KT won free passes to a preview showing. It was a pretty good movie! I usually don't go for the romantic schlock - at all - but even I wanted to at least sniffle a bit at the end. AOL Broadband gave out these little Kleenex dispensers in case we needed them. Very cute, although I didn't need to use mine. Before we went in the theatre we had to get past this lady with one of those metal-detector swiper thingys, like you see at the airport (not that I've ever been to an airport, sob sob). I guess they were worried about people carrying in video cameras and putting out bootlegged copies. Sheesh, it was a pretty good movie, but it's not LOTR or Harry Potter or anything!

afterward we went to Applebee's (I think that was it) for dessert. I had a brownie/ice cream dish. Yum! We paid exact change, using twenty four pennies. We split before the waiter came back - boy, he was probably mad!

All in all, a very good day. And any lengthy period of time spent watching Ryan Gosling on-screen makes the day a happy happy one, too, of course ...

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