Sunday, June 13, 2004

There's nooo chocolate!

There's no candy around here! Or chocolate! Sob! I think I might actually lose weight at home. What a horrible prospect. All I had to tide me over were the Reese's Cups Lyndsey was so sweet to give me. Unfortunately Betsy saw me take them out and helped herself to three or four of them. The only way to protect the rest of my stash was to quickly eat it. "We must destroy the village in order to save it!" It was a very very yummy village (I mean, pack of peanut butter cups).

We went to Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. It was the Feast of Corpus Christi (They moved it to Sunday again! It was supposed to be Thursday! Arrrrrgh!).

The celebrant was the foreign priest and I can never understand a word of his homilies. The same was true today - it was something about food? Being life-sustaining? Well that would fit in with the Body-and-Blood.

Betsy seemed to be able to understand better, maybe I'll ask her. Or maybe I'll just go to bed. Yes, bed...

N.B. - Today is June 13th, which is the Feast of Saint Anthony, which isn't celebrated this year since it falls on a Sunday. We lit a candle at his shrine, anyway. It was a dollar and we had to use quarters, how humiliating! ;) The prayers were for my bad little brother Andy, whose real name is Anthony. He was named after the Saint. I hope it does some goooood....

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