Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Two down, one to go

All I have left before I blow this popsicle stand is my Journalism exam. On Friday! Ohhhhh how I hate being the last to leave. In cleaning news, I can't seem to get the "You Suck" written on the wall next to my bed to come off. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to buy white-out ... Do these inspectors really have eagle eyes? Shooorely they'll let a little slide. Especially for charming lil' ole' me.

I think my Philosophy went pretty well, which can only mean I failed miserably, and that Zawidski is presently disposing of my exam in the furnace of his Lair. The heat and flames will restore right reason to the doddering world of materialist theorists as my blasphemous errors are burned awaaaaay.

Click here for an interesting little movie thing. Very hypnotic, after awhile I felt like falling over, asleep. Of course, that could be just because of the stress of finals week. Blah.

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