Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The end is near (in sight)

Indeed, Betsy and I have decided to bid Allstate au revoir by August 10th. That will leave me a little bit of time to get ready ... pack ... lie around the house doing nothing. You know, productive things like that. Betsy always complains that I do nothing except go to work, then come home and sleep. It's true, I do like to sleep, nap, wake up, and sleep some more. It all starts when you just liiiiie down just to rest your poor aching bones for a few innocent harmless minutes, and then the Sandman steeeeals over you and before you know it you're eye-deep in La la land, dreaming of days when the temperature is actually summerish and you don't have to drive through thick and noxious fog in the morning to get to work.

Ahhh, the eerie morning fog. It is thicker in some parts of the road, thinner in others. It is always arranged perfectly so that I can not see my way for raw sewage, if you'll pardon my langauge! The headlights don't help for raw sewage, either. I think I heard somewhere that it is a bad idea to use brights in fog, as they just bounce off the cloud and back toward you. Of course I avoid this piece of advice ... The dense soup-stew does not obscure the many figures of deer crowding the road. Ugh, I would like to play hit-and-run but I am too kind to God's woodland creatures. Just stay out of my waaaaaaay, deer! (Manic laughter)


  1. Actually, it is illegal to use your brights in fog. It does bounce the light right back at you and it makes it harder for the other drivers to see, which leads to more accidents. It'll be hard for you to get into Heaven once you kill five people and a deer because you used your brights in a fog. Even with your prefect record. :P

  2. Noooooo. The deer must not ruin my record! Must... kill... deer... in manner which will escape detection... I will not use my car, I will use my .44 with silencer... ;)