Sunday, July 18, 2004

Summer seems to go so fast

Especially after the Fourth of July. Zip zip zip, it's over! Not that it's going to kill me to get to see all my friends from college again :) LOL, I can feel the dining hall table salt trickling down from my hair already ;)

Speaking of mes cheres amies, Shanana is going to be home at last in a little while! Her family cruelly forced her to stay in Colorado for most of the summer. He he he, I'm just kidding, they're pretty cool, but don't they know what they're depriving all us Hudson chicas of? I'm suuuuure Shannon is weeeeping over having to leave those gorgeous Rocky Mountains for the always tropical paradise of Northeastern Ohio. I know I would. Sob, sob.

Anyway, it'll be the first time everyone's back in OH since Christmas break! Except for Nick, that slimeball, who's enjoying himself taking summer classes at DePaul University in Chicago. Arrrrgh, Nick, education, smeducation. You should drop out and come and live on the street around here. I'll have you know I would allllways give you a quarter in your panhandling cup! ;)

Maybe we can all get together and do something for Kat's birthday. She's 20, ya know! Me and Betsy got her a lame present and a lame birthday card in keeping with our cherished traditions of lameness. Nooooo, I'm not going to say what it is, that would spoil the lame surprise! Vee must haf our phun, you know. For some reason 20 seems  a lot older than 19 - I mean, changing from 19 to 20 seems like a bigger leap than 18 to 19 was. I guess it's because it means you're no longer a teenager, a "stupid kid" whose mistakes can mostly be excused on account of your relative youth. Ew, I don't wanna be a grown-up! What's the use in getting older if you don't drink? I can hear it now: "That's why you should start ..." ;)

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  1. Maggie, let me get your trashed. Just one night. Please?!?! ;)