Thursday, July 08, 2004

Take My Life

Noooooow. I like my job - well, like is a strong word. I can tolerate it easily. But today was rotten hard - there was so much to do and we finished up about five minutes before quitting time.

We really are lucky to have gotten these positions, my sister and me, 'cuz this way it "minimizes family car use." There are a couple of other temps there, this nice but kind of strange guy named Chris and a middle-aged woman named Annette. Annette's mother is in the hospital for open-heart surgery and so she likes to talk about that. Oooo, snappish aren't I? I'm just kidding, I can understand why she's anxious. I just wish she understood how someone could want to pull their faces off their heads after listening about it for two weeks. Ick, I'm insensitive ...

The important thing is for us temps to stick together. LOL it's the "temps" versus the "perms." At my job last summer at Alltel, the perms hated the temps with almost passionate intensity and took full advantage of their perm position to cause pain, anguish, and difficulties. The perms at Allstate seem a lot nicer, but even so - ya gotta watch your back! Ha ha, Maggles the Mafioso!

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