Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Huh, shopping

Like a good little girl, I have been saving my money and depositing my weekly $250 paycheck without spending it on ... Books, make-up, movie tickets, "nun stuff." Yes, I have been suuuuch a good girl! Pat me on the head. Now that I have saved, it is time to spend. Mother has been buying me ugly clothes - yes, more notorious Granny stuff - and such stuff. I am going to have her take some of it back and give me the cash. How heartless and ungrateful I am. "Mother Darling, you have no taste. Run this back to Penny's, or wherever you picked it up, and give me the money instead." Yar, I am loverly.

Oh well, wish me luck. I'm getting the it's-time-for-a-mall-parking-lot-crack-up vibes (most inconvenient when between insurance providers!).

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