Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Nervousness mounting; I have to call the rectory tomorrow, first thing, to see what's up with Confirmation. Gulp. Another week has passed and I am not really started on either my research project or my news story. Ah.

It has been very warm and very wet in Athens this week; terrible flooding, and today was actually balmy. In Ohio. In January. Looking at the forecast, I can see that the temperature is going to plummet later this week. Brrrr.

I got a package from Mother that included about twenty pairs of socks, a nail clipper and an eye-brow plucker, a pair of slippers, a bag of chocolate chips, and A BOX OF PEANUT BUTTER RITZ! I'm in heaven. LOL, that's heaven, not Heaven, which is reserved for seeing Jesus face-to-face. I like eating snack food, but I can't say it extends to ecstasy :)

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