Thursday, January 27, 2005

I really stink

Not just in reality, but metaphorically too! :)

I just got done writing a "disaster" story for my Newswriting class. Does three inches of snow count as a disaster? Oh well. I guess the professor thinks so. She gave us "notes" - made up, of course - with information from different sources that had been "interviewed." There is no Center City, Ohio. I don't think there is, anyway. Notice how my style is all choppy. ::: sob ::: I wonder if I will ever get decent at this ...

CENTER CITY, OHIO - An unseasonably early snowfall here Wednesday surprised locals and caused major traffic problems, resulting in injuries for some motorists.

Center City police Sgt. John Milne says police and troopers responded to more than 90 accidents from Wednesday morning to late evening. Nearly 20 people were taken to Center City Hospital and mostly minor injuries were reported. On Bug Highway, there were five accidents within 30 minutes and one driver injured his leg, according to Trooper Dale Gibson.

The snow caught motorists off guard, said Sgt. Milne. "People should drive slowly and make sure to prepare their cars for winter ... people should also plan alternate routes and allow themselves more time to drive to work in the morning."

The snow is not expected to stay for long. George Calzada, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, said that the year's first snowfall began at 8:30 a.m. and brought three inches of accumulation. A change to rain on Thursday, accompanied by highs in the mid-40s, is expected to melt most of the snow. Calzeda said that new records were set for early winter weather. Previously, the earliest recorded snowfall in Center City happened on Sept. 1, 1944.

Officials at Center City International Airport report that air traffic has been unaffected and flights in and out will continue.

Center City Schools have not had to close, but officials are monitoring the situation, according to Superintendent Bob Bouse, who suggested tuning into TV or radio after 5 a.m. to learn of any schedule changes.

Skiers will not be able to take advantage of the unseasonable weather. John Houser, director of mountain operations for Center Mountain Ski Resort, said that not enough snow fell for a startup. He added that the resort usually opens in early November.

The early snowfall was an economic boon for some local businesses. Hegedus and Sons Firestone, Grand Auto Supply and P&G Auto all reported jumps in sales for weather-related products. "We've been selling snow blades like crazy," said Jeff Krummeck of Grand Auto Supply in East Center City. "I made more money today than I have in a week."

Ugh, ugh. Heh, my professor told us all about the wonderful development her previous classes showed by the time they finished the class. We'll see what she can do with me. Alas, methinks she is no miracle worker.


  1. Maggie, it's really not that bad. Do you want some constructive criticism? Of course you do. ;) Mostly you write well. However, and this could just be because of the teachers I had in high school, your sentences could "flow" a bit better with a few tweaks in syntax (is that the word I'm thinking of? I know synaspe happens in your brain... Anyways, I mean your sentence patterning) and more transition words. Other than that, it's pretty good!

  2. Yars, syntax is the right word! The transfer from the paragraph on schools to the paragraph on the ski resort is particuarly bad, aaaargh.