Monday, January 17, 2005

The Pope's Red Ferrari


Vatican, Jan. 17 ( - Pope John Paul II met on January 17 with members of the Ferrari auto-racing team, who presented him with a red scale model of their world-championship car.

"Your presence here gives me the chance to emphasize how important sports are to modern society," the Pope told the Ferrari executives, engineers, and drivers. He said that the principles of sporting competition, including solidarity and fair play, could help to "build a more just and unified society."

Weeeell, that seems to be sort of stretching it. Then again, I am one of those people who avoids the sports pages. So I am probably just not "getting it." ;) Besides which, it is very cool to read a news story with both the words "Pope" and "Ferrari" in it. Apparently, about fifteen years ago, the Pope got to tool around in one, himself -

From the Montreal Gazette:

"That car is different than the other one," papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls quoted the Pope as saying after the audience, referring to the sports car the Pope took a spin in during a 1988 visit to Ferrari headquarters.

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