Friday, February 04, 2005

Ah, Success Numero 2

I got a 97% on this "obituary" in my Newswriting class. The professor actually read it out loud in class for the other students. It was humiliating because she grabbed it right out of my hands, so it wasn't anonymous or anything. It was held up as an example of a good obit, which of course is nice, but she also pointed out all my embarrassing mistakes - like I spelled dessert, "desert." It screams unprofessional :/

I wonder if there actually is a Terrance C. Austin in Athens. I hope not. If there is ... If you're not dead, well, sorry! ;)

ATHENS, Ohio Jan. 24 - Terrance C. Austin of 418 Cottage Hill Road, a war hero and retired chef who for years delighted diners, family and friends with his culinary creations died of throat cancer last Sunday at Mercy Hospital. He was 81.

He first learned to cook as a child at his mother's knee, and was trained as a cook in the marines. However, in Korea, Mr. Austin was transferred to rifleman, winning two purple hearts and a bronze star in that capacity.

After returning home, Mr. Austin worked as a chef at Deacosti's Restaurant for more than 25 years. Following his retirement from Deacosti's, where he had acquired a reputation for making excellent deserts, Mr. Austin teamed up with his wife to cater for weddings and social gatherings, and continued to cook for family gatherings and holidays. "Dad loved to cook, and he loved working with people," his son Walter said. "As soon as we stepped in the door we'd smell the hams, turkeys, greens, and baked pies."

Mr. Austin was born on December 27, 1924, in Chicago. A member of St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal church, where he sang in the choir, he is survived by Anna Austin, his wife of 56 years, five children and 14 grandchildren. Since moving to Athens as an infant, Mr. Austin had been a life-long resident of the area, except for the three years he spent in military service.


  1. Erk, can you imagine spending your entire life pretty much in a cornfield? Lol!

    Congrats on being the good example! :)


  2. Desert, Dessert, my old nemesis. Wouldn't you know, I too wrote a post involving an abuse of the English language? More proof that you are the only real person in this twin set, where as I am merely a hologram.