Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Confirmation name

Tonight my priest suggested I start looking for a confirmation name. Hmmmm. Any suggestions? These are the ones I've thought of so far:

St. Veronica Giuliani
St. Anastasia
St. Mary Magdalene
St. Faustina
St. Angela Merici


  1. I was confirmed St. Catherine of Alexandria. I jsut thought I'd share. :)

  2. St. Monica! Or St. Therese. Duh! (Isn't it exciting. I had to choose my name in like 5 seconds, because the decision was "sprung" one me. I picked Mary, you know of course. Can't go wrong with that!)

  3. ooooooh i like Therese :-D but i'm wonderin' why you didn't have it in your list so if i were to pick from your list i like Anastasia :-D
    have a great week girl! love you! :-)