Saturday, February 12, 2005

Snip snip snip

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got my hair cut. Lyndsey and I went to Regis Hair Salon uptown on Friday and we both got trims. I told the lady who did my hair that I did not want layers, but she sort of ... argued with me. And gave me layers anyway.

It is way too short for my taste, but oh well. It will grow out. It is less "poofy" now, at least :)

Lyndsey's hair looked suuuuuper, of course! She said mine looked good, but I dunno. Maybe she was JUST SAYING THAT! ;)


  1. Oooooooooh, you gotta get a picture taken- does anyone in your friends have a digital camera?- and get it on here! I wanna see!

    I bet it looks better then you think it does, lol.

    Besides, if it looks good, the hairstylist knows what she's doing even though there was blatant disreguard for the whole "the customer is always right" bit there. ;)

  2. :still waiting for photo, lol:

  3. LOL I am camera-less, alas! Just keep in mind that I don't look too hot, lol. Actually, I am starting to like it better, he he he :)

  4. Haha! You had Angel! But your hair looks fine!!!!

  5. Beat one of your other friends and steal theirs! Or something... You coming home for Spring Break? Probably won't be that much longer then, lol.

    Maggles! :smack: Stop selling yourself short, before I have to hike down to your cornfield and beat some common sense into you! :P

  6. Your hair is prettttttty!! :)


  7. i want to see a picture too!!!!!! arg!

    i'm also sure it looks good. change just takes some getting used to ;-)

    i like the soundboard link you found :-) muchas gracias


  8. Ah ha! Peer pressure! Give in! Make someone take a picture! :P