Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The veil and "habit" worn by a girl
who has just entered the cloister

From Photo Journey of a Poor Clare Nun

Maybe this bit best explains why someone would want to become a nun :) :

When the solemn announcement of the date of her investiture is made by Mother Abbess, her joy is complete for now she prepares to become the fiancée of Our Lord and King. The fire is stoked and her heart is inflamed with the burning desire to give up everything for the One Whom she loves. On the day of her investiture, she takes off the snow-white festive gown she has worn to greet her King and is clothed by Mother Abbess with the rough-brown garments of the lowly. With joy she lets her long silky hair be cut and the novice-white veil be placed upon her head. She kicks off her white satin shoes to walk barefoot in the way of the Lord. Embracing the crucifix which is handed to her, she is now a Poor Clare and is given a new name signifying her new life.

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  1. Oooooooooh, that's all romance novel sounding, almost. Except not trashy, lol.

    Funny, Father Loomis was just talking about how women have a more romantic relationship with God then guys do at Adult Ed on Sunday... Ironical, that.