Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fa la la la la

Oh wait, this isn't Christmastide, it's LENT. Argh.

This last night I went to Mass with Leslie, and it was quite nice in spite of the guitar-playing-woman-who-can-not-carry-a-note-and-company who provided the music. Sigh, they are probably good people who have good hearts and just want to do something for the Lord. But St. Augustine's saying is technically "He who sings well, prays twice," not simply "He who sings, prays twice." I could also swear that the music belonged on a Josh Groban CD. And one of the hymns had about the same melody as the theme from the Apollo 13 soundtrack. I did like that movie ... Ehhhh ... But the homily was very good. The priest went over the four ways Christ is present at the Mass: In the Word proclaimed, in the faithful who are assembled, in the priest, who acts in Christ's name, and "above all" (he said) "really and truly present in the Eucharist." He expanded on that a bit. I was also pleased when I heard him refer to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and not as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. He knows his stuff, lol.

I'm going again at 9 tomorrow; I won't be back at St. Paul's for another four Sundays, so I might as well get another listen to that organ they've got.

Also, later, Jimmy, Lyndsey, Lauren and I went uptown to get ice cream. This in spite of the massive Paper of Death staring me in the face. It was 'licious ice cream (Peanut butter with chocolate chips) but now I've got to kill myself to get back on schedule. Kill, kill, kill. Oh Spring Break, come quickly, lest I die ...

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  1. don't worry maggles. you can say "fa la la la" just not "Alleluia".