Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Let it snow

I feel like bursting into an annoying song ... Oh wait, I will be considerate and keep my mouth shut. Yaaaaahhh.

It definitely IS snowing. Lots. Buckets. And wiiiiindy. Walking to class today, I kept getting eyefulls of snow blown in my face, not to mention almost losing my balance and gracefully flattening out on the brick walkway ;) Kat, I thought Bowling Green was supposed to be the Flat Place With Lots of Wind. Our precious Appalachian Foothills are supposed to protect us from such tragedy!

It WAS raining earlier in the week, but I guess the temperature dropped a few degrees and it all turned into the white stuff. No, Betsy, not cocaine, if you remember what we are discussing, it's snowwwwww. Just kidding, Betta! I do believe it is snowing tons in DC, so you probably have your own crazed weather people to worry about, without dealing with moi :)

I have started e-mailing for interviews with folks for my final Newswriting story. I miiiiight be calling into service some of my friends as sources. Just for "man on the street opinions" and that sort of thing. So if you consider yourself my friend (is my blog read by any of my obsessed, bitter enemies? Of which there are so many, he he he) consider yourself warned.


  1. Maggles! Good lucky with interviews! Send my check! xoxoxoxo Betz

  2. Snow... Yuuuuuuuuuuck...

    Warm here today, though. That sleet you tried to send me never arrived! SO there, ha! :P