Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Silence Please

Apparently the back of Lincoln Hall, under my window, is the new designated area to have fights with friends and boyfriends. Fights which involve shouting, swearing, sobbing, squealing of tires and revving of engines, with the finale being the great storming-up-the-stairwell-weeping. I have to admit that I would probably enjoy this drama a little bit if it did not consistently happen at 3 o'clock in the morning. Ahhhh. I wonder if they realize that the screechy voices penetrate the brick two floors up. Probably not. ;)

I am tremendously behind on my final exams stuff. I got an A on that Thomas More paper that I whined about for six solid weeks, but the professor wrote "see me" below the grade. *Paranoia kicks in* Does he think I plagiarized, or something? It's-too-good-to-be-you? Hmmmm.

I finished up my confirmation classes. And I even brought up vocations in the last class. Finito! I have to give the priest at St. Mary's a call, however, to make sure he hasn't forgotten me or whatnot. Bleh. Nervous, nervous.

All in all I am really looking forward to this quarter (which has been the quarter from Hell) ending. The only Nasty Class I have for spring is Information Gathering, which is supposed to be a lot of work but pretty easy. La la la la.

I will also really enjoy the one week off for Spring Break, which is short enough that I will NOT be required to find a job! Hurray! I had to start all over with knitting that scarf for Betsy, so it will give me time to catch up :) This time I will not mess up so much ... It will be pretty ... yeahhhhhh ...


  1. Yes, but at least you are not on the first floor so the drunk people can't crash into your windows, lol.

    Yay, Maggie is a genius!

    And even bigger yay, she'll be home for spring break soon!

  2. ey maggles. what wierdness goes on