Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Velly Velly Interesting

When is the temperature gonna drop a little bit? It got up to about 80 degrees today. All this sunlight is giving me a headache. Lol, whiiiine, whiiiiine ;)

I am once again slipping into Lazy Mode. Argh.

Newsflash: Benedict likes to use the Papal "We." I was looking at the homily that Benedict gave in his first Mass in the Sistine Chapel, concelebrated with the College of Cardinals. He delievered it in Latin. If you examine the Latin original, which you can see here on the Vatican website, you will see that Benedict uses the papal, royal "We" which is mistranslated in the version I posted below. For instance, where the transcript has him saying, "In my soul there are two contrasting sentiments," he ACTUALLY said, "In Our soul, there are two contrasting sentiments." Similarly, "On the other hand I sense within me" is correctly rendered, "On the other hand We sense within Us." If you look at the Latin, you can see the Nostrum, Nos, Nobis parts of speech used. And they're all capitalized! It's an unusual form of speech which was used by all the popes before John Paul II. So this is a little return to tradition :)

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