Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Genius Girl Strikes Again! At Approximately 5:40 in the Morning!

Hmmmm. So, today I got on the phone and had an interview with a professor at UC Berkeley about Social Security reform. He had told me to call him in the morning; so I rang him at about 8:40 am EST. Unfortunately I had forgotten to factor in the old three hour time difference ... Ouch. Rookie mistake. Very professional of me, eh? Ow, ow, ow.

I got the interview when I called back later, though. At least it's over with, and I never have to talk to him again.

I got a hundred on my last psych exam, so there is no way I am sticking around 'till Friday, just so that I can make that class. Back to Hudson for four days! Wheee.

We are starting to have professor evaluations in classes; my Public Speaking teacher had his last week, and my psych prof had hers today. I am looking forward to evaluating my IART teacher. In case you couldn't guess from my deadly and threatening "tone" (which comes across so well online ;), I have been writing a fair, eloquent, yet devastating critique of her teaching in my mind for quite a while. Of course, it is not really eloquent, but I hope to make it both fair and devastating. What I'm trying to say is: She and her post-modern analysis of everything annoy the heck out of me. Which is too bad, because I think personally she 's really nice! She is just out of her mind, is all.

In case any of you were wondering, I gave my picky-picky Public Speaking teacher good marks. He gave me an "A" for that speech I gave on the importance of funding education, so I decided to return the favor, har har. Just kidding. He actually had us do evals before he handed back the grades (clever, clever doctoral candidate!) I just have to repeat my performance with this speech on the Humane Society ... Sure to be a big winner ... I hope my sore throat is gone by then. I wonder what I'll do if it's not. That would suck, wouldn't it.

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  1. My sista, this happens to me all the time. No humility without humiliation!