Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cleveland diocese faces suit

Parishioners allege bishop allowed financial officers to divert $2 million

-Associated Press

CLEVELAND - A lawsuit filed by 36 members of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland accuses Bishop Anthony M. Pilla of allowing three financial officers to divert about $2 million in diocesan funds to their private businesses.

The parishioners ask for the diocese to be reimbursed by the officers in the lawsuit filed Monday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court by attorney Santiago Feliciano Jr., former director of the Cleveland diocese's legal office.

The lawsuit accuses Joseph H. Smith, former chief financial officer of the diocese, of diverting more than $678,000; Thomas J. Kelley, director of the Catholic Cemetery Association for the diocese, of improperly taking more than $331,000; and Anton Zgoznik, assistant treasurer of the diocese, of taking $1 million ...

Oh, Anthony, Anthony! It would not surprise me if this turns out to be true, and that makes me so sad, because I really do love my Bishop as a father. But let's just say that I do not have a very high opinion of his leadership. At all. He stinks.

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  1. Woah. This isn't the guy who did your confirmation, is it??

  2. Noooo, I had an auxillary bishop, Martin Amos, who is pretty new on the job, I think!

  3. Ah, ok. Kinda old to be the new guy, wasn't he? Lol, jk! (I was in the back anyways, what do I know?)

    And what's the dif between reg bish and an aux bish?

  4. A regular bishy is the ordinary of the diocese, the "bishop of the diocese" Mr. Official, etc. An auxillary bishop is like an assistant bishop ... they have been ordained to the episcopacy, and have the same sacramental power as the ordinary, but they aren't the "main man." LOL ;)

  5. Aaaaaaaaah, ok. Like our Williams was head dude and Grew :gag: was his ass, and then Williams retired and Grew killed the NE Ohio Episcopal church before HE retired and left his self-appointed replacemnt in charge...

    It's aaaaaaaall so clear now.

    (And what resentment? I have no resentment here at all...)

  6. Noooo, I don't notice any resentment!

    In spite of the fact that if there was any situation worthy of resentment, that would be it! ;)