Monday, June 27, 2005

I got a job


According to Kelly Services, I am going to be working for Allstate Insurance again. Probably doing the same job. I have to go in for a drug test tomorrow at 8 am; time to start going heavy on the liquids, he he!

Ah well. It wasn't that bad last year, although they gave us such horrible hours. Five o'clock in the morning! Terrible, terrible. Maybe this time they'll let me work like a normal human being, lol! I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to come in on Sundays. That would really stink. I can't think of any decent Saturday vigil Masses. Blehhhhh.

On Sunday Betsy and I went to our friend Shannon's church, the Hudson Anglican Fellowship. Nooo, we didn't miss our Sunday obligation, see the post below for where we went to Mass the night before! Anyway, it is a really lovely, very friendly community, and they worship in a converted barn. That is just a temporary, of course, until they get their new building.

Now, it's important to note that these Christians are Anglicans, not Episcopalians, or as they are sometimes jokingly called, Episcopagans ;) The Anglican Communion technically has within its ranks the Episcopalians, which is sort of the American version of the Church of England. However, the vast majority of the Anglican Communion does not approve of the terrible things that the Americans and Canadians have been doing - blessing gay marriages, consecrating practicing homosexual bishops, etc. - and so there has been a definite movement of many away from the Episcopal church and toward the Anglican expression of Christianity. While of course it would be preferable for everyone to come home to Rome (yeah, check out the Anglican Usage here!) I would still strongly suggest that any Episcopalians who aren't ready to swim the Tiber check out groups like the Hudson Anglican Fellowship, who will not feed you homosexual propaganda as part of the Gospel. You can read about the Hudson group here.


  1. Yay Maggie! :glomp:

    Dude, you found our website! Awesome! :) Free plug for us!

  2. Yes, indeed I did find it! I have mad Google skills! ;)

  3. Mad Google skills are NOT to be underestimated. ;) ;)