Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I took my public speaking final exam today ... Or should I say, yesterday? Since it IS technically Tuesday.

I think it went pretty well, there were only a few questions I wasn't sure about. Only forty questions total - that certainly makes me nervous! Of course, it didn't take very long to complete, and for that, I should be grateful, since I need as much time as I can get to ... Study for more finals! My Introduction to Fine Arts final is on Wednesday, and my annotated bibliography is due then, too. I am not really concerned about IART, even though this test is on music, not exactly my forte. I went to class every single day, so I'm sure I got all the notes. Unless I drifted off in class ... That's a definite possibility, if you know me ... ;)

I forgot to mention (I forget a lot of things nowadays) that on Saturday, Lyndsey and Lauren and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for a last dining-out meal. It was very, very good; I had the chicken quesadilla. Imagine that! Me, passing up the chicken tenders for the Mexican-themed food! Anyway, we had a very friendly waitress, and I would say that the highlight of the evening came when she asked us to order drinks. Like I always do, I ordered water, and then I paused and uttered the immortal question: "Is the water free?" From the look on her face, the poor girl wanted to smack me upside the head. Okay, okay, water is free everywhere. But you can never be too careful ... And you all know how stingy I am! LOL, one fault among many.

Anyway, that was the running joke for the rest of the meal, as I exclaimed with glee over my free water when it came, and the waitress wished me luck in finding other free things, as she brought us the bill. The girls explained to her that I do not get out much. This is certainly true :)

Lauren was also very sweet on Monday and bought me a fudge ice cream bar when we all went to Dairy Queen after examining a model of our apartment for next year (I'll write about that later). Having spent all my cash, I was going to just wait in the hot, hot car while they got snackys (of course I couldn't stand the pulsating, throbbing heat after about thirty seconds, and I followed them in). However, Lauren so nicely bought me fudgey ice cream! I have nice friends!

I better get back to work. Ugh, say a prayer for me.

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  1. Congrats on your exam! You coming back Friday or what?

    Haha, don't worry, I would have probably said something like that, lol. At least it's an inside joke now! :) (Hmmm, but I'd want water with lots of lemon....)

    Yum, icecream! I'm going to Coldstone with Stiffler this afternoon... We should go someday when you get back if you haven't been there yet!