Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Today is my friend Leslie's birthday. Wouldn't it be great if you all, most of you perfect strangers to her, went over to her blog and wished her a happy 20th? He he he. I hope her boyfriend, who is very wonderful to her, doesn't get the wrong idea about any "stalkers" I send over there ;) It was also recently my friend Kat's birthday. You should visit her Xanga and say happy birthday, too!

Hurray for Kelly Services! I just got my first paycheck in the mail. $275. Not bad, but ahhhh, I gotta keep going!

Did you know that John Roberts, the president's Supreme Court nominee, is a devout Roman Catholic? Although he apparently doesn't "wear it on his sleeve" per se. My sister has an amusing post about how there are already three other Catholics on the Supreme Court. "Oooo, scary, only two more seats and we will control an entire branch of the government!" It's like something out of a nativist's nightmares. I think I'm going to go looking for some of those funny (as in weird and confusing) 19th century anti-Catholic cartoons.

Yes, cue the ominous music now! Too many Catholics on the Supreme Court and the Pope will seize the Presidency and force everyone to convert! Jack Chick and his "Eucharist = Death Cookie" tracts would be forced out of business! You're all shaking in your boots at this extremely likely scenario, aren't you? Da da dunnnnn!


  1. Lol, yes, and his wife is a member of "Feminists for Life", so OBVIOUSLY John "Rogers" (thank you Anita Hill!) thinks that all women should be shot or kept in cages.