Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday, again

It's amazing how quickly time starts flying once you really get into summer. It's already July!

Mass this morning at Immaculate Conception was perfectly all right, although they were short on choir members, which meant a less-than-perfect Gregorian chant. But, no matter. I'm there for the Eucharist, after all! Besides which, the homily was very good - on "by your fruits you shall know them." The celebrant of this Mass was the Benedictine monk who comes every first and third Sunday, and besides having an excellent singing voice, he is also usually a superb homilist. He took the opportunity this morning to talk about abortion, homosexuality, radical feminism etc. It was very satisfying to hear some good "old-time preachin'" as our separated brethren might call it ;)

I suppose I should talk about how the job with Kelly Services is going. I was assigned to Allstate, and I am doing data entry again. The first day was thoroughly frightening; they had me doing things I had no clue how to do. The second day began equally awfully, except that then I did not have the excuse of, "It's my first day!" However, once I got into the actual data entry part of the job, I remembered what they had taught me the first day, and I found it very easy, if horribly mind-numbing. It is basically like last year, when we pressed a grand total of three keys over and over again. This time there are more keys to press in the pattern, but ... The general principle of "over and over again" is definitely still in effect ;) I really need to learn not to complain, and I am going to try to keep my mouth shut about this job. It's forty hours a week, and with all the trouble people have with getting employment and hours, I shouldn't be whining. Feel free to smack me upside the head if you notice that on any future posts I am turning on the self-pity.* It will be helpful to me, honestly!

*Note: Not permission to creep up behind me and pinch my inner arm ... Betsy!

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  1. Does Betsy GENERALLY resort to pinching you? :random interest: