Friday, August 26, 2005

Je suis finis

My last day at Allstate was today. I have to admit that I'm glad to be through with work; getting up early every day was starting to seriously annoy me :)

Everyone was so nice there, though. All through the day people were coming up to me to tell me good-bye and wish me good luck at school. There was a new temp in the accounting office today; name of Walter. I guess he is supposed to pick up the slack since I and Ashley (the other girl temp) will be gone. Poor guy was trying to figure out the computer system; I remember my first day was awful because I just couldn't get it to work. On top of everything else we had an error show up in Mainframe and one of our work sources crashed.

And they had us do balancing for about an hour. Balancing is possibly the most boring, yet fear-inducing activity I have ever encountered. Basically you go through long lists of numbers trying to find where someone else has made an accounting error. If you can't find it you have to ask to see the actual check batch, and if the check batch has gone missing (a frequent occurrence) you have to ask for the "tape" which lists the check amounts. If you still can't find it you have to have the annuities clerk stand behind you calling out the numbers on the tape while you double check. It is a huge hassle for both you and the annuities clerk, so one feels a lot of pressure to sort of figure it out when you're going through yourself. Can you tell that I often failed at that and had to bother the guy at the annuities desk a whole lot?

Ah well. I made over $2,000 in eight weeks of work, so I should cut out the complaining. I have a week to pack for school. Gulp.


  1. lol maggyie, the image of you shyling going up to the clerk so that he could yell off numbers behind you is quite hilarious :-D though it seems you hardly felt so yourself at the time ;-) ... ah, school packing... in a week... good luck!! i know it can be done :-)

  2. Bah, computer problems are baaaaaaaaaaaaaad- Kerri put me on registar 2 for awhile today and it kept FREEZING! And there was NO control alt delete option! VERY BAD!

    ...But I'm all better now. Really.

    ;) ;)

    (Now that you're done, come see me sometime!)