Thursday, August 04, 2005

Look what I found!

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Quodlibeta has a "Ratzinger Reading Plan," that is, a suggested order in which to read Papa's major books. His suggestions:

1. Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977
2. The Ratzinger Report
3. Salt of the Earth
4. The Feast of Faith
5. God and the World
6. The Spirit of the Liturgy
7. God Is Near Us

I have read numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5; I've skimmed number 7. The first one I read was the Ratzinger Report, which was wonderful. Milestones is excellent, too, and fantastic for "understanding" Papa as a man. What can I say, they're all good! ;)

The links are to Blah. Why buy when you can borrow? Of course, the Hudson Library does not have a very good selection of Christian books, since they seem to prefer to spend their (I mean, the taxpayers') money on acquiring more and more Al Franken ;) I always have books from other public libraries sent to the good old - I should say brand new - Hudson library, through the Clevenet Consortium. Here's where you can get the books. Just type in "Ratzinger" and select "All Clevenet Libraries." They even have images next to the titles, ooo, classy.

Why am I becoming so intimately familiar with the library system? When I would rather be doing more productive things, like, for instance, sleeping? Well, I am trying to get mother to at least read a couple of his easier, less theological works, like Milestones etc., just so she can be more familiar with Papa. It is currently like pulling teeth, though. Maybe after I go back to school and she has more time on her hands she'll take my advice ;)


  1. I'm quite fond of the public library system -- however, some books are worth buying, especially the Holy Father's. =)

    I would add Introduction to Christianity to the list as well. I see you're already reading Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith . . .