Tuesday, August 16, 2005


On Saturday, Katie, Carli, Betsy and I went out to eat one last time this summer. We went to this little Mexican resturaunt called Marcelita's. We thought Shannon was going to come, too, but in the end she thought it was better if she didn't :(

Anyway, it is supposed to be a great place; AAA reviewed and all. Betsy's employers even talked to her about it, and they're certainly not locals. Famous Marcelita's! It's a five minute drive from our house, the owners have been parishoners at St. Mary's for decades, my infamous Aunt Cay was friendly with them, and we've never been. For shame.

We only had to wait a little while for our table; they had a very amusing menu, which, besides the Mexican fare, had a section of American food called "For Gringos." I ordered the chicken quesadilla. It stank. Well, maybe I shouldn't say "stank." It just wasn't quite what I was expecting. It tasted ... Weird. Oh, well. I wasn't that hungry anyway; they gave us free nacho chips and dip before they brought out our food, so of course I was already pretty full on that. I just don't know when to stop :) While we were eating it thunderstormed something awful, and when we came out there was a heck of a lot of steam rising off the asphalt parking lot. Fun!

It was a pretty cheap meal, besides, and it was great to catch up with my Hudson girls one last time before the end of the summer. Of course, I didn't get to see Kat at all, since she stayed at Bowling Green, and we sure did miss Shannon at dinner, too!


  1. Actually, the food there is below disgusting- if it had been anywhere else I would have shown up for the fun of pulling hair. ;) ;) :P

  2. You forgot to mention the waitress taking forever and a day and the mosquitos invading the parking lot after dinner. ;)

    When does school start for you?

  3. I move into my apartment in Athens on Sept. 3, I think. School starts the next Monday, ick!