Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh ho

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No, that is not me. Not for a couple years anyway ;)

I do feel quite happy today, though. Monday we had hardly any checks to handle at Allstate; on Tuesday, we got hit with a whole bunch. Either way is fine with me; on Monday I just sat doing the even more mindless change-of-billing-address work, and it was very relaxing; on Tuesday, we had so much to do that the time flew by.

My work is boring but sometimes interesting things happen. For instance, today I discovered that there really is a Klickitat Street in Portland, Oregon - if you read the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary when you were little, you know Klickitat Street! I also handled a bill from a genuine article Lord and Lady. Lord and Lady Hunt, to be precise. They're obviously foreigners, but apparently they're living in New York. She even signed the check, "Lady Hunt." It was a bit of a surprise to see nobility with Allstate accounts. Then again ... The titles are hereditary, so you could lose money until you were as middle-class as the average American, and still have the title. Or maybe they're just faking for the sake of ordering checks with "Lord and Lady Hunt" at the top. No wait, that's something I would do ;)

Oh well. Their insurance bill has been paid out, so Lord Hunt should take his wife out to dinner tonight to celebrate ...


  1. Hmmmm, what's she waving?

    Odd on the nobility thing... Unless her mom just named her "Lady"?

  2. That's a white baseball cap I believe. Papa has one just like it I think