Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Pope is infallible

But only in certain rare situations ;)

Case in point:

... At the end of his weekly general audience, the Pope had left the window overlooking the courtyard of his summer residence where thousands of people had listened to him deliver greetings in various languages.

He then returned and joked:

"I ask your forgiveness. I forgot the most important greeting -- the one to Italian-speaking pilgrims," he said, laughing.

The 78-year-old Pope then read the greeting in Italian, turned away and was leaving, but aides reminded him that he had forgotten something else. He returned to the window yet again.

"Today, I am forgetting the most important things. It appears that I am already partly in Cologne. They told me: 'You forgot the most essential thing, the blessing'," he said.

He then delivered his blessing and, still smiling and laughing about his two oversights, returned inside the summer residence ...


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It's okay, Papa, we know you've got a lot on your mind and you always do your best! :)


  1. Naw, he's so cute! (In old, religious guy way, lol.)

  2. he might be losing it...

    hopefully not...

    but here's from father moderator:

    "More Evidence of the Pope's Mental Problems?
    From: Fr. Moderator
    TRADITIO has been the only source bold enough advance the possibility that Benedict-Ratzinger may be in the early stage of mental disease, which could comprise the validity of his papal acts. The evidence is public, but no other source has put together the facts that the pope:

    suffered a stroke in September 1991, from which his brother has indicated he has not completely recovered
    was knocked unconscious in August 1992, perhaps as a result of a dizzy spell in which he cracked his head against a radiator
    suffered another stroke in 2003, according to Philippe Cardinal Barbarin, of Lyons
    Now the Reuters News Agency reports that at the August 15 papal audience at the papal summer resort in Castel Gandolfo, Benedict forgot not only the greeting but most especially the papal blessing. Are these episodes just coincidences, or are they evidence of a developing mental problem? There is no question that medically two strokes and an unconscious episode quite probably could produce such a condition.

    "I am forgetting the most important things," he said. "It appears that I am already partly in Cologne," referring to his appearance at World Youth Day. It is TRADITIO's opinion that Ratzinger never wanted to be pope. Since 1991 he has been asking to retire back to Germany and write his books, but JPII wouldn't allow it. We think that Ratzinger gave in to the election last April only because it would prevent a division in Newchurch between the ultra-liberalist cardinals and the just liberalist cardinals.

    If you look at his behavior over the last three months, he seems to be a man dispirited, unfocused, and longing to get away. It is reported that Paul VI, who became the "Vatican II" pope and bitterly regretted being taken in by Hannibal Bugnini to implement the New Order, in his last weeks wandered around the Vatican palace, saying, "Credo, credo," as if God did not believe that he was a Catholic pope. Benedict is reported to be spending long, sleepless hours (a possible symptom of a brain condition) playing Mozart on the piano. God help us! When will we get a healthy, truly Catholic pope?!"

    well i dont know about the last line...

  3. Ahem. "Father" Moderator (try asking him about who ordained him, and who exactly ordained them ) is questioning Papa's sanity. Haha, bad joke that. Seriously, this stuff is malicious, and I am pretty annoyed that anyone would talk about my dearest Daddy this way.

    When "Fr." Moderator is stressed, he squeezes a tennis ball. Geniuses, like Papa, play Mozart when they are stressed.

    P.S. It's true that Papa knocked himself unconcious, and lost a tremendous amount of blood. But these things have not left any permanent damage ... Papa says so. And he recently produced that masterpiece, "Truth and Tolerance." I wonder what "Father" Moderator has done with his healthy, mentally balanced intellect?

  4. Woah, that's harsh. Don't think one gets a job such as pope because of having a mental disorder/brain injury!

  5. well...that count's me out...