Monday, September 26, 2005


I am over my case of the flu. Or I think so, anyway.

It has been years since I have gotten sick with anything, let alone influenza. This was not a good weekend for it, but, ah well ... I am glad I did not go see a doctor, however. Every student at OU is required to have health insurance, but you can waive it if you are covered by your parents. I am on my father's policy, but it is strictly a "catastrophic" insurance policy, with a huge deductible. I remember telling him, "catastrophic's all I need, I never get sick."

I actually didn't go to Adoration on Saturday because I was so sick! The malaise was just too much. I could tell that the fever was breaking Saturday night, however. I kept waking up, as I have for the last few nights (no Nyquil in the house) and I noticed that even long after my pre-bedtime medicine wore off, I didn't have that familiar searing pain in my head when I moved my eyes. Sunday morning I was terribly tired, but I managed to get up for Mass. And after Mass, another old lady introduced herself to me. Actually I met her last year, but I guess she doesn't remember me. Anyway, she told me I was "gorgeous, just beautiful!" etc. I think it was because I was wearing my hair curly. Besides which, she was pretty old, and old people sometimes say funny things ;) She comes to Mass with her son, who looks to be about forty years old, and pretty rough around the edges, if you know what I mean. Forty, and unmarried? How peculiar. I also saw Blaine there; she likes to stand at the back of the Church and pray. Or at least I think she's praying. What else would she be doing?

Please pray that I manage to get this magazine article done. I have no idea why I chose journalism as a major. Yes I do - I'm supposed to be good at writing, I enjoy it, and it's supposed to be one of the best programs here. I am lucky, lucky, lucky. Ahhhh. Just have to keep that all in mind.


  1. Maggie...How about posting a picture...Elizabeth has don't have to have your hair curly....just curious...

  2. Gooody! Maggie no more sicky! Lurvs you!

  3. Hmm, I think I will ... if I can find a good picture ... and after I get this article done, ugh! :)

  4. Naw, poor baby! I totally missed you being sick! :( Lotsw of love, babes!

    Speaking of pics, what happened to that (probably horrible) one of me that got taken the day I went to mass with you in Cleveland?