Saturday, September 24, 2005

How loud

I am sitting here, trying to ignore the sounds of the bacchanal apparently occurring on the other side of University Commons ... There's quite an echo, you know ;) I first started hearing the drunken baying about 9:30, so I think they got started kind of early!

I have forgotten to mention that on Thursday night I went to visit my friend Leslie at her apartment across town; her other friend Meredith came over, too. Leslie has a huge, beautiful flat, and a very cute kitty named Minerva. Minerva was in a bit of a mood, but I could tell that when she's feeling good she is a very good cat!

It was lots of fun catching up with Leslie. The only unfortunate part was that I missed the bus when I was going there, so I walked; and then when I was coming home, I noticed that I was going to have to wait at the bus stop for about twenty five minutes - so I decided to just stiffen the old upper lip and walk it home, too. It wasn't that bad. Ah, exercise! When I got home Lauren very sweetly let me have a couple pieces of the pizza that she had ordered. Mmmm, yum!

Friday was not a good day, however. Thursday night I had the most awful chills, and today I was struck with a nasty headache, achy bones, and a bit of a fever. You know how sometimes, even if you are quite grownup, you just want to crawl into bed and have your Mama take care of you? That's how I kind of feel, lol. Mass helped very much this morning - and on top of the great joy of receiving Our Lord in the Sacrament of the Altar, one of the daily Mass ladies complimented me on the print in my skirt. Of course, she was a very middle-aged lady, so I guess this incident could be used as ammo in the "Maggie dresses like a post-menopausal spinster!" argument ;) Sadly, the respite I got from the liturgy did not last very long ... I am so fickle with my emotions, ugh ...

I have the apartment all to myself this weekend, which means it will be very quiet, which I like. However, I miss my roomies lots already. I promise not to set the kitchen on fire while burning my grilled cheese!

They are singing "Happy Birthday" across the way, now. Maybe that's what it is? A 21st birthday party? A good reporter would go and check it out. A sleepy, slightly sicky little girl would head to bed. Good night! :)


  1. Minerva has moods, but she is a cat. Thanks for stopping over! Meredith had a good time too; she loves to talk religion. You should have called me when you missed the bus; I offered you a ride home!!!

  2. I know! Leslie is super nice! But Maggie is super stubborn! :)

  3. Problem with going to a college in the middle of a cornfield... The drunks are louder then usual, lol! ;) ;)