Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Pope approves barring gay seminarians

Vatican, Sep. 19 ( - Pope Benedict XVI has given his approval to a new Vatican policy document indicating that men with homosexual tendencies should not be ordained as Catholic priests.

... The Instruction does not represent a change in Church teaching or policy. Catholic leaders have consistently taught that homosexual men should not be ordained to the priesthood. Pope John XXIII approved a formal policy to that effect, which still remains in effect. However, during the 1970s and 1980s, that policy was widely ignored, particularly in North America. The resulting crisis in the priesthood-- in which one prominent American commentator observed that the priesthood was coming to be seen as a "gay" profession-- prompted Pope John Paul II to call for a new study on the question ...
I know there are some people who are a bit perplexed by this. I mean, priests are supposed to be celibate anyway, so what does it matter if they're attracted to other men? Well, it's a matter of prudence. Technically speaking, homosexuals can be ordained, just like, technically speaking, married men can be ordained (priests are often married when they are Anglican Rite Roman Catholics, Eastern Rite Catholics, or members of the Orthodox church). However, the Latin Rite Catholic Church has decided for the last thousand years that it is not prudent - not helpful, and most likely problematic - to allow married men to be ordained, because the Church would have to come before family, which would cause friction; also because the logistics would be difficult - besides the fact that according to Christ celibacy is superior.

Similarly, it's just not wise to put men who are attracted to men in an all-male environment when even those with heterosexual orientations are expected to remain celibate. Ordain women, you say? Auuuugh. Metaphysics, people, metaphysics! Read up on the sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Holy Orders, with regard to metaphysics.

Also, I hate to say this, but it's a liability issue. The vast majority of homosexuals are not child molesters. However, the fact remains that the solid majority of the abuse cases we heard so much about in the last few years were cases of adult men molesting adolescent males - teenage boys. Those were cases of ephebophilia, not pedophilia; they were homosexual acts, not the acts of pedophiles.

Hmmm ...
Anglican bishops condemn Iraq war as unjust

London, Sep. 19 ( - Leaders of the Church of England have issued a statement condemning the US-led war in Iraq, saying that the conflict did not meet the moral criteria of a just war.

A 100-page statement, issued by the Anglican House of Bishops, cites a "long litany of errors" in Western policy toward Iraq. The document calls for a public apology for these mistakes, and suggests that if government officials are not willing to issue such an apology, religious leaders should organize acts of public repentance for the war.
Ouch. Well, lots of religious leaders - particularly Christian leaders - came out strongly against the war, or at least expressed concerns. For instance, Pope John Paul, as well as mainline Christians, the Orthodox, and some evangelicals. Pope Benedict also was against the war, I believe. Now, coming from the Catholic perspective, I would certainly point out that the Church does not make a dogma of whether this or that war is just or unjust. However, for Catholics at least, it's important to pay attention to what the pope (and to a much lesser extent, other Christian leaders) has to say about this or that conflict. One can respectfully disagree, but one shouldn't dismiss the Holy Father's opinions out of hand. Etc, etc.

And finally, check out these beautiful words from Papa (and the lovely Free Republic thread, also at the link):

Grace of the Eucharist is secret to holy priests, says Pope

"The secret of the sanctification" of priests, the Pope said, lies in the Eucharist. "By virtue of Holy Orders, a priest receives the gift and the duty to repeat sacramentally the gestures and words by which, at the Last Supper, Christ instituted the memorial of His Easter. In his hands he renews this great miracle of love, which he is called to witness and announce ever more faithfully."

"A priest", Pope Benedict continued, "must above all adore and contemplate the Eucharist, starting from the very moment in which he celebrates it. We well know that the validity of the Sacrament does not depend upon the sanctity of the celebrant, but its effectiveness, both for him and for others, will be all the greater the more he experiences it with profound faith, ardent love and a fervent spirit of prayer."

... In conclusion, the Pope implored prayer for priests throughout the world saying "that from this Year of the Eucharist, they may draw the fruit of a renewed Love for the Sacrament they celebrate. Through the intercession of the Virgin Mother of God, may they always live and bear witness to the mystery that is put in their hands for the saving of the world."
Just beautiful! I love you, Papa.

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  1. If Arch Anglican Bishop of Catebury (hereby known as "Arch Bishop Eyebrows) was behind it, I wouldn't say it has that much weight behind it, as things currently stand. (Yeah, Asian/African Anglican church!)

    I saw someone with a shirt with Papa Ratz on it today while I was at work and thought of you and Betsy, lol.