Saturday, September 10, 2005

Number one cause of hearing loss

Football games and thundersticks!

In the Athens area, anyway! ;)

Yes, last night, OU had its big football game with Pitt. We won in overtime! At last, the new football coach is officially a big winnah, that is, a most high and mighty god. Let the human ... I mean, tuition sacrifices begin.

They handed out the thundersticks (thunderstix?) pre-game, and although I didn't go, we had a couple show up at our apartment ... I think they were Lyndsey's. Anyway, my roomies enjoyed giving me a beat down, punishing the stompy Asian people who live above us, and causing bleeding ear drums with them :)

Yay Bobcats! Here's to a year in which we maybe do not suck! As much!

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