Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The people upstairs

Some people (ahem) have been complaining that my blog is boring (Never!) I guess I will tell you a story about something that has happened to me in the last couple days.

On Monday (I think it was Monday!) I was in Lyndsey's room, chewing the fat. One of her professors had given her class the assignment of walking up to a complete stranger and asking them to tell a story about their lives. No one wanted to do it, so a lot of stories were just going to get made up wholecloth, har har.

Suddenly, Lyndsey and Lauren got the brilliant idea that I should go knock on the door of the apartment above us (inhabited by elephant-footed Asians who stomp around early in the morning) and ask them to tell me a story! Then I could write it down and give it to Lyndsey, blah blah.

I refused, of course, until Lyndsey promised to go with me (although I had to do the talking), Lauren agreed to make me a grilled cheese sandwich while I was gone, and they both promised to buy me treats. Like the trained seal that I am, I responded very quickly to the offer of yummies!

I went upstairs and knocked on the door. We got to meet one foreign girl, and her boyfriend (I think) who was an American. The girl's name was Ellen, I believe - it was pronounced funny. And the boyfriend's name was Mike Dunn. He told us all about how he got in a car accident last summer and had to spend some time in the hospital, and how he didn't remember anything after he got in the car to drive home from work.

Very interesting. Anyway, they were nice folks. I can't believe I did it. Oh well, I was hungry ... ;)

NB: I know I'm actually posting this at 7:47, with the time stamp altered to say 12:09 ... I am doing this to annoy Lyndsey, who I know hates it. Just kidding ;) I am actually doing it because I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog tomorrow! Oh the humanity!

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  1. Wow, I couldn't do that- esp if I knew I was going to see the people again... Because, you know, if you do something stupid in front of people you've never met before... You're bound to run into them all the time...

    ...Or maybe that's just me. ;) ;)

    Congrats! Maybe you can find interesting stories/ideas for your one class this way?