Monday, September 19, 2005

The Vatican’s Mind Control Laser Platform in Geosynchronous Orbit above North America

Fantastic Mark Shea column in the National Catholic Register.

The fear that pre-occupies the evangelical imagination is that, say what Catholics will, once the convert is safely inside the Church, the priest will produce the brain chip implant and you will be reprogrammed to adore and worship Mary by the Vatican's Mind Control Laser Platform in Geosynchronous Orbit above North America. But the reality, when you finally get past the irrational terror of Mary and enter the Church, is that nobody thinks she's another God, as you feared. Instead, you find that a small minority of Catholics think she's another Pope.


The queer thing about this particular subculture in the Church is that it appears to hold to the notion of "Church Governance by Apparition." A certain sort of Catholic can get the notion in his head that the Church is governed, not by the bishops in succession from the apostles and in union with the pope, but by a series of private revelations from Mary. Such Catholics are often not particularly cautious about distinguishing between public and private revelation, still less about whether a Marian apparition has been approved by the Church. Indeed, the creepier and more apocalyptic the "revelation" the more such a Catholic will be certain that its rejection by the Church is a sign of apostasy and imminent judgment on the sinister Masonic/New Age/Jewish conspiracy at work in the hierarchy.

The entire article is very good, you can find it here.

And well, he's not quite correct that no one thinks that Our Blessed Lady is God. See this "Fatima" site, which I've mentioned before.. Of course, if you read their press release, you can see the whole "The Pope is not doing what we and "Mary" want! He must be a heretic/up to no good!" thing coming through:

True Third Secret of Fatima states that MARY IS GOD, MARY IS THE SOUL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

The Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima states Mary's divinity.

Mary is God, Mary is the Soul of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit is to God. Person is to Soul. Angel is to Church. Existence is to Being. Man is to Woman. Husband is to Wife. Adam is to Eve.

Mary is God, is the Final Dogma of the Holy Catholic Church. The Most Holy Trinity demand its declaration by the Holy Father as ABSOLUTE prerequisite for the TOTAL Redemption of Creation.

In the light of the election of an ANTI-MARY Pope and therefore ANTI-CHRIST Pope, in the person of Pope Benedict XVI, we fervently urge all CATHOLICS, to exert all legitimate efforts to compel those in authority that have remained Consecrated to the Most Holy Spirit, - to STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THE TRUE MESSAGE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. We appeal most especially to those who have knowledge of the TRUE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA, to help us PROCLAIM the WORDS of GOD, by offering themselves as witnesses to the TRUTH.
And on, and on. Why do unbalanced people so often use all caps?

I should note that the press release has merely been posted by these people to VirtueOnline, which is a fine, traditional Anglican site.


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