Saturday, October 29, 2005

Joy to the world

I have wonderful news. Well, "wonderful" if you care about this sort of thing.

Friday morning, as I crept into the church for morning Mass, the whole place was still pitch dark. The fellow who usually comes in to light the lamps was a bit late, I guess. But as soon as I opened the door I saw, in the center of the sanctuary, behind the altar, a little red light flickering.

What is that? I wondered. For a brief moment I thought somebody had left a camcorder or something else electronic on the altar. But as I got closer, I saw what it was:

The sanctuary lamp, kept burning to remind visitors of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist!

I know what you're thinking - and that's right! The tabernacle had been moved to the center of the church! Now, we have a very orthodox priest, and the tabernacle had always been just off to the side, not closed off, clearly visible from the front of the Church, just as the regulations demand.

But now the lovely gold tabernacle is situated on another table (altar?) directly behind the main altar. Four tall candlesticks stand on the table, two on each side of the tabernacle. Two other candles have been placed on each side of the main altar, and the presider's (or should I say, celebrant's) chair has been placed off to the side.

It is a wonderful arrangement. Christ certainly belongs at the "center" of our lives. I don't know if the tabernacle-behind-the-altar thing is permanent or if they are just trying it out; I certainly hope it stays, and I bet it does! If it does, I wonder what they will do with the little side alcove that used to hold the tabernacle. Maybe put in a statue of St. Paul? That would be appropriate, since he's the patron saint of the parish ... And although we already have a statue of Mary, well, let's go for symmetry :)

This reminds me that all the parishioners are taking a survey on the Sunday Eucharist. One of the questions is, "Should there be more Latin in the Mass?" Yes! Yes! Yes!

We'll see what develops. But if what I saw Friday is any indication, things are looking great.


  1. it's not saturday yet! hurry and get back to the apartment so we can go to walmart

  2. RYN:
    Awwww-hell-yeah! 11th grade Honors English aka HE11/HELL!!
    As soon as I got that result, it reminded me of that class/book/author - and now I want to throw a Gatsby Party.
    Would you like to come? :D