Friday, October 14, 2005

Not too bad!

I went to work at the dining hall today, and it really wasn't that horrible of an experience - a very short shift, and fairly simple work, although I did make a fool of myself a couple times.

Tomorrow I have to do a whole new task - I'm in charge of keeping the salad bar full. Oooo, what a tremendous burden, I know ;) But still! I can find lots of ways to mess things up, and I usually do. Please pray that everything works out.

It looks like I am not going to be allowed to go home for Halloween, after all - there was a large sign in one of the anterooms, announcing that anyone who did not work their Halloween weekend shift would be terminated. "No excuses!" it added. Ack, it's all right - I will just call off some Saturday morning and sleep in. That will be my "time off." :)

Check this out: "It's all about the cheese": Thomas Hibbs on Wallace and Gromit

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  1. Wallace and Grommit! :much love: My family saw the new movie, but I haven't yet = very sad.

    It's too bad about their warehouse burning down, you know? All the original stuff's gone...