Sunday, October 02, 2005

Papa and kiddies

Papa greets a little baby during his meeting with Tanzania's prez, Benjamin William Mkapa, Oct. 1. Also, my sister has a post and pic from Papa's visit to Baby Jesus Children's Hospital in Rome earlier this week. Awwwwwww!

And check out this sad story:
Pope scares child who mistook him for doctor

ROME (Reuters) - The Pope's white robes scared a young boy who mistook him for a doctor when he visited a children's hospital on Friday.

The child began crying when 78-year-old Pope Benedict approached his bed in the cardiology ward of the Bambino Gesu (Baby Jesus) hospital near the Vatican.

"It's the white," a nurse explained to the Pope. "He can't take anymore of these white coats."

The Pope stopped to comfort dozens of children during the two-hour visit.

One little girl, Fabiola, wrote a note and drawing for his visit saying: "Pray for me so that I don't have to have any more transfusions and so I can go back to the playground with my friend Simone." ...

It's so sad. Poor little baby, scared of Papa!

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