Monday, October 03, 2005

Party time!

I must mention that my good friend and roommate, Lyndsey, is now 21! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNDSEY! Of course we threw her a little party this weekend, which was supposed to be a surprise party - and I think it was, although maybe she was just a good actress ;) One of my other roommates, Jenn, and I made cupcakes, and then I "helped" put up streamers. By "helped" I mean, stood there and handed up pieces of tape. I also put up a "Happy Birthday" banner, which fell down about a half-hour into the party (that's Maggie quality!)Our other roommate, Lauren, sprang for the pizzas and decorations. I owe $22, ouch, how it wounds a cheapskate like me! ;)

Jenn also made this amazing spinach dip which I kept shoveling in my mouth instead of socializing.

A good time was had by all, most importantly the birthday girl. A lot of people came who I hadn't seen since freshman year. On TV, we watched Notre Dame destroy Purdue. 42-21, and at Heinz field! A very successful evening, I would say!

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