Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fall quarter grades

It has occurred to me that the way I usually blog about my grades, with the course name and the letter grade next to it, is maybe a bit conceited and show-offy. So I will just say that my quarter GPA was 4.0, which raises my cumulative grade point from 3.7843 to 3.8143. Finally, the cumulative rose! After about a year of trying!

But I didn't get any A pluses, just As. Apparently Ohio University does not give them out; I kind of want to write to Scripps and ask them if students who want the "plus" have to tattoo "Thomas Hodson is God" on their foreheads or something. I would definitely never agree to do that since:

1. Tattoos are very nehhhhh for me
2. I don't know Mr. Hodson personally, but what little I do know doesn't make me wildly enthusiastic about him
3. Mr. Hodson may in fact be a very nice person, but the fact is, he is not divine. May he have many years as Director, anyway.

I hope everyone else did well. My magazine prof must have liked my cemetery piece. It kind of bothers me that I don't get to read what her comments were. Surely it wouldn't be out of line for me to drop by her office and ask to have a look-see?

The non-European history class turned out okay, too. (After I got a 78 or something on the midterm!) I think the professor felt bad about that test, because he wrote the final in such a way that it was rather on the level of paint-by-numbers. And he practically stuffed us with extra credit. Hurray for Korean movies!


  1. Yay for Maggie!
    Kent doesn't give out A+ grades either :(

  2. If you complain about your grades next quarter, I'm going to lock you outside of our apartment forever.

    But it's ok, because I did enough complaining about Nadia and got all A's too :)

    Hope you're having a great break and eating lots of burnt grilled cheeses and not screwing everything up at home or at your lovely job. Wow that was a long sentence. Bye Saggles! :)

    Love--Lyndsey, your FAVORITE and NICEST roommate

  3. Maggie, are you COMPLAINING about getting A's AGAIN?? :forehead smack:

    Geez, girl. What more do you want then a perfect 4.0?? :eye roll:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaall meeeeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaack!

  4. Katie, I have decided that state colleges in Ohio suck :/

    Congratulazoni, Lyndsey! I hope you are having a good break, too, Miss All As!

    Shannon, I jussssst leeeeft a messssssage!!!! :)