Saturday, November 19, 2005

I am such a goof

If you have ever read Shakespeare's Macbeth you know that the pitiable title character murdered the king of Scotland, Duncan, while His Majesty slept in Macbeth's own home.

What you might not know is that the king's son, Malcolm, survived, took the throne himself, and married a young Saxon princess named ... Margaret! Now, guess who this particular Margaret was.

St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, my patron saint!

Yes, Macbeth's foul deed did away with my patroness' father-in-law. More reason to really dislike the little usurper, even if in some spots I feel sorry for him.

I can't believe I forgot to mark my patron saint's feast day! Finals week is really destroying me, urgh ...

Anyway, St. Margaret's memorial is celebrated on November 16. She is the patron saint of Scotland (duh), Queens, large families, learning, and ... Me! Well-known for her love and care for the poor, Margaret originally wanted to be a nun but consented to marrying Malcolm. They had eight children. She spread Christianity throughout the kingdom and also reformed her husband and his friends, who were somewhat boorish; by the time Margaret died (an event she accurately predicted) she left behind her a refined, glittering court.

St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, whose name I bear, pray for me and all those dear to me!

Hat tip to A Penitent Blogger.

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