Saturday, November 26, 2005

Muffled congratulations

I am employed! At least, for Christmas break.

I am going to be an "Engraver" at some mysterious little outfit in Twinsburg called GQ Enterprises. That is, I will engrave names and other information on those disgusting "PERSONALIZED!" items one sees advertised in stores like Things Remembered and catalogues like Lillian Vernon. (Shudder. One downside to having a permanent mailing address is that one begins to receive the dreaded Lillian Vernon Christmas catalogue with its endless pages of grotesque novelty items (e.g. "Home is Where the Mom Is" throw pillows) and its photograph of Ms. Vernon - you know, the picture where she weirdly looks younger every year?)

I got the job through Kelly Services, of course. I start on Tuesday and I work through December 21 or thereabouts. It pays $8.50 an hour, but if I don't call off the entire time, I get a 50 cent raise for every hour I work. The hours are 4-10 pm, Monday through Friday; that should keep me busy while still offering me plenty of sleep-in time. I was going to see about working with my friend Shannon at our friendly local Panera; alas, I was seduced by the higher wages. Hopefully the job isn't too mind-bending or stressful. No customer interaction (I don't think) so that's better, for everybody ;)

I initially thought I was going to have to do gift wrapping. Gift wrapping! Anyone who has ever received a "wrapped" gift from me knows the proportions of that potential disaster. Thank goodness, the general public will be spared my "talents."

So, if you open up your personalized and engraved Golf Ball Picture Frame/Clock on Christmas Day and find your name misspelled, you know who to send you angry e-mails to!

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  1. Yay, Maggie found a job! (Now, I just need your schedule... So you better just CALL ME BACK before I have to get stalkerish about this! :P)