Sunday, November 06, 2005

My commentary in italics

Catholic gay clergy policy 'helping Anglicans': US bishop

LONDON (AFP) - Gene Robinson, the world's first openly gay bishop, said that Pope Benedict XVI's attitude toward homosexuals might be boosting membership of the Anglican Church in the United States.

Yes, you know it's just Pope Benedict's personal, horrible attitude toward sodomy we're talking about, not 2,000 years of Christian teaching. Also makes use of a familiar strawman. Note to credulous press corps: The Church does not have some kind of nasty attitude toward homosexuals. She does not hate homosexuals. They are to be treated with compassion and welcomed as brothers and sisters in Christ. She does hate homosexual acts. Acts. Not persons. Acts. Not persons. Acts. Ad nauseum. You know, the old "love the sinner, hate the sin" bit. Ever hear of it?

"We are seeing so many Roman Catholics joining the (Anglican) church," said Robinson on a visit to London. "Pope (Joseph) Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) may be the best thing that ever happened to the (US) Episcopal Church."

I can't wait to see these statistics showing an explosion of growth for the Episcopal Church, USA, what with all the disaffected Catholics fleeing the arms of that barbarian, His Nazi-ness, I mean, His Holiness, the Pope. What's that? All the numbers show a sharp, continued decline in membership, service attendance, and donations for ECUSA? The situation is the same - actually much worse - in the heart of the Anglican communion, that is, England. As far as I know the only places showing Anglican growth (and it is explosive growth) are in the Global South, where all those dreadful, un-P.C. Anglican bishops live.

Robinson, whose appointment in 2003 as Bishop of New Hampshire has been deeply divisive for Anglican Christians around the world, added: "Let's keep our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in our prayers".

I am glad when people pray for me, even if I disagree with them or find them extremely disagreeable (both apply to Robinson). After all, God loves Mr. Robinson just as much as He loves those who oppose the bishop - that's a fact that conservatives sometimes forget, much to our shame. He doesn't stop loving us even when we commit sins, such as, for instance, rejecting Christian ethics and willfully destroying a denomination. So, I'm glad Mr. Robinson is praying for us. It's what the fellow is probably praying for that gives me the willies.

"I cannot imagine how discouraging it would be to have a church hierarchy doing what it does.

"I find it so vile that they think they are going to end the child abuse scandal by throwing out homosexuals from seminaries. It is an act of violence that needs to be confronted."

Discouraging for whom, Mr. Robinson? You? Hurray.

As for "vile," most Christians* consider the homosexual act (ACT! NOT PERSON! ACT!) to be pretty vile. Declining to ordain those with a homosexual orientation will obviously not solve all the problems with regard to sexual abuse. If one looks at the data, however, one finds that the vast majority of cases were relationships not between men and children but between men and young men in the 14-19 age range... Ahem.

* of course, these Christians are nowhere near as sophisticated and cosmopolitan as Mr. Robinson & Co. They are backward and rather thick-headed, insignificant persons. Like that nonentity St. Paul, for instance.

The article continues with some stuff about how on Thursday the Archbishop of Canterbury had a cordial little meeting with Robinson, blah blah.

Sorry for the "ranting" tone. I have had a long day... And no sooner do I do my daily news-reading than I find this little gift. Maybe it would have been wiser and more concise to simply say, "Mr. Robinson should mind his own business." But "wise" choices do not always make for fun blogging, do they? ;)


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