Thursday, November 03, 2005

Next quarter's schedule

I think I mentioned before that it's that time of year - class scheduling time!

I didn't get into all the classes I wanted. However, I think I am still on track to graduate two quarters (one and a half semesters) early.

Western Heritage: Medieval Legacy
1-2 MTWTh, Miriam Shadis

Non-Western History Since 1750
7-9 TTh, Phillip Cantrell

Graphics of Communication
8-9 am, 7-9 pm MTWThW, Thomas Hodges

Reporting Contemporary Issues
2-3:30 TTh, Marilyn Greenwald

16 credit hours. I was going to take Communication Law, but it filled up, grr! Hopefully this schedule will work to get me launched into my senior course work, however. I have this urge to run to Dr. Westfall, who is my faculty advisor, and beg to have it checked.

The feature on the cemetery is coming along nicely - I got a 29 out of 30 on the rough draft, and the professor was extremely easy on me with her corrections and suggestions. Of course during workshop my group of editors really ripped it apart. The line edits in particular were beastly - when criticism is actually written on the manuscript and your paragraphs are all scribbled out and scrawled on, it seem so much more... intense. Oh well, I'm too sensitive, especially about my writing. They probably weren't as harsh as I think they were :)


  1. sorry you couldn't get that one class :( but i'm glad everything else is what you wanted and that your rough draft went over well with your prof :D

  2. Ooooooooooh, what's "Graphics of Communication" on? Sounds interesting!

    I still wanna read this article, babes! I DE-MAND that you email it to me!