Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Waste time, panic

Panic, waste time, waste time, panic, panic

That is pretty much what my schedule has been this week. My schedule next week will probably be all panic, all the time - simply because I've left everything go until the last minute, again. I wonder if procrastination is simply a maturity issue.

I spent a little while yesterday trying to hunt down the caretaker of the West State Street cemetery. I don't even want an interview with him, I just want him to open his mouth so I can shove a quote into the story. I called the Athens Historical Society on the off-chance they might know, and they gave me a name and a number. Hurray! Alas, upon dialing it I discovered that the number was for the Mayor's office. The nice girl on the phone told me that Mr. Carey Gilkey is an electrician, a sort of an odd-jobs-man for the city, who is in and out all the time; if she sees him she will tell him to give me a ring.

Of course, I then called a couple of Gilkeys in the Athens COunty phone book. There is nothing I hate more than cold calling. I feel so rude saying, "Ah, you're not who I was looking for, sorry, wrong number!" But I had to do at least a couple of the more likely listings. "C" Gilkey turned out to be Connie Gilkey, blast. I also got a couple of disconnected numbers.

In a worst-case scenario, I will simply call the Athens Historical Society again and see if I can induce the secretary to tell me if lots of people use the cemetery for geneological purposes. I just want one quote! Just to satisfy my writing professor, who gave me her best Nasty Glare when discussing the neccesity of "live, not just secondary sources" the other day, gulp.

Finals also begin at the end of next week; I have two exams - one on Saturday and one on Monday. Then I get to come home - or, it's more accurate to say I'll get to come home when my father can swing by with the van. Since I'm not living in the dorms anymore, that could be a few days. The main thing right now is to produce, produce, produce! If I ace all of my projects/exams I will get As in all my classes, and that's what I'm going for. Ora pro me!

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  1. Good luck!

    (Call me if you email me your article, so I know to check me email!)